Food for Thought, Episode 1

In this special three-part series of Death & Numbers, we’re cracking open cookbooks and archival records to learn about the bond between food and text. In this first episode, we pair a largely forgotten 17th century French cookbook with Julia Child’s classic cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking to consider how food … Listen now!Food for Thought, Episode 1

Can We Ever Kill the Author?

In this episode, we discuss infamous author Norman Mailer and explore a timely question, given the recent accusations of sexual misconduct throughout Hollywood and beyond and the #MeToo movement: Can you really separate the art from the artist? Read the original essay by Roland Barthes, “La mort de l’auteur” here, and … Listen now!Can We Ever Kill the Author?

Presidential Politicking: Who Puts Those Words in the Candidates’ Mouths?

Don Baer. Michael Gerson. Ted Sorensen. Peggy Noonan. Jon Favreau. You may not recognize all–or even some–of these names, but you have probably heard or read the words they have written. These individuals were all presidential speechwriters. A speechwriter works not only with a sitting president but also presidential candidates … Listen now!Presidential Politicking: Who Puts Those Words in the Candidates’ Mouths?